"It’s hard to decide between the slightly smoky, tea-rich Mr. Oolong and the spicy Bangkok Detox—so we’ll take both" - food and wine magazine - top 5 kombucha brands


Pure Luck® - Pure Kombucha™begins with the finest teas and medicinal herbs, hand brewed with mountain spring water, drawing on inspiration from tradition, and honoring ceremonial technique. We ferment every batch in glass and offer a magically crafted, energetic, happiness potion in each 4 oz. bottle designed to be the perfect amount of living, rich, Pure Kombucha™ - unfiltered, naturally carbonated, naturally caffeinated, non-GMO, gluten free & low sugar with NO ADDED JUICES or FLAVORS
Better Than Cola Kombucha

Dried red wine grape skins, blackberries, raspberries, lavender flowers, grade B maple syrup with ancient Pu-erh tea – A sun-dried green tea sought after for its strong energy. Caffeinated, malty and sour with notes of plum, caramel and honey-bourbon. VEGAN

Chocolate Mint Cookie Kombucha

Green tea, cacao nibs, peppermint – Did someone order a dessert kombucha? Ummmmmmm… Yeaa! We did! Go ahead, open happiness!

Silver Jasmine Kombucha

Blended from the finest grades of white needle and green jasmine teas fermented with a kiss of honey. Notes of crisp green grape and enlightening jasmine are followed by a refreshing dryness…. Jasmine Champagne Kombucha

Cinnamon Plum Kombucha

Black currants, biodynamic darjeeling tea, cinnamon, hibiscus – Relax and “Take Your Time Machine,” one sip and you will know why you are being transported down memory lane. *Low in caffeine* VEGAN

Green Dragon Kombucha

Green teas from Japan – Matcha and Sencha – combine for umami, dew melons and honey suckle. Tart, caffeinated, alpha wave, energy boosting, inspiration in a bottle!! VEGAN

Bangkok Detox Spicy Kombucha

Ginger, pu-erh tea, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, Thai chili, lemon – Colds, toxins and hangovers beware when the Master Cleanse and Thailand square off in your mouth the Bangkok Detox is coming for you. VEGAN

Miss Darjeeling Kombucha

Miss Darjeeling is a refined miss of biodynamic origin. Her bushes grow on the last family owned estate in Darjeeling, India. Miss Darjeeling’s biodynamic upbringing creates “peak” flavors that blossom into a complex, unique and velvety mouthfeel with her signature Darjeeling aroma.

Mr. Oolong Kombucha

Mr. Oolong is a man of character. A blend of Chinese &Thai oolong teas. He is smooth and delightful upfront, with a mysterious, smokey side revealed in time. VEGAN

Get Lucky

Kombucha School™
Kombucha School™
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Kombucha Kits
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Pure Luck® By The Case
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Kombucha Time
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