November 18, 2015


Why do we brew kombucha? – Pure Luck® is holistically crafted from the heart for a simple, genuine reason – to make the healthiest kombucha possible for good gut health. Better gut health makes happier, healthier people. 🙂

Pure Kombucha™
– Pure Kombucha is always brewed by hand with mountain spring water, fermented in glass, naturally carbonated, naturally caffeinated, organic and low in sugar. Only 100% certified organic, live energetic, unfiltered, kombucha in every bottle. We are committed to making the highest quality kombucha possible and put people and the planet first.

Every step of our proprietary process is focused on extracting the most nutrients and best flavor qualities each tea offers. Pure Kombucha™ tastes and feels completely different than other brands because we view kombucha as a living breathing life. Paying mindful, positive attention and always using glass fermenters. All of our waste ingredients are composted and we grow plants and vegetables that we eat, use to purify the air and oxygenate the kombucha. This creates a Virtuous Cycle.

I began brewing kombucha because I immediately noticed, the mental and physical health benefits” .

Healthy Gut, Happy Mind!™


– Brett Casper, Founder – Pure Luck®

– Chatthip Phungtham, Co-Founder